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Project Documents

As the design project progresses, this page will be populated with materials generated to support the public involvement process such as presentations and minutes associated with meetings and briefings.  This page also contains documents prepared as part of the Parking and Access Study that were posted to help the public gain a better understanding of how the study process worked.  All of these materials are provided as a way for members of the public to learn both about the current project and how it was arrived at through the study process.  As the project evolves over time, statements made in older materials may become inaccurate.  Therefore, newer materials should be assumed to supersede older documents.  If you have a question, please contact the project’s public involvement specialist.

Design Phase Documents

Community Meetings

Study Phase Documents

  • Public Involvement Plan - June, 2010 (PDF)  This document provides users with a road map for the public involvement process and outlines both the face-to-face and digital outreach efforts that will be part of the East Milton Square Parking & Access Study.  While the Town of Milton and project team are committed to open and effective public involvement, dates noted in the public involvement plan should be considered approximate and may change depending on the needs of the project or external events such as extreme weather.           
  • Local merchant's fact sheet - July, 2010 (PDF)  Everyone is welcome to download a copy of this informational sheet, but we encourage local merchants in particular to print off a few copies to post in their windows or keep by the cash register.
  • Evaluation criteria - October, 2010 (PDF)  In the broadest sense, the goal of this study is to develop a plan for the redesign of East Milton Square.  To that end, several redesign options will be developed.  Selecting an option or combination of options will be accomplished in part through application of these evaluation criteria.  These criteria help us to answer the question "what would success look like?"  These criteria have been approved by the BCAC for sharing with the public at the initial community meeting on November 3, 2010.
  • Inventory of on-street Parking - September, 2010 (JPG)  This graphic provides users with an overview of the types on-street parking in the area immediately surrounding East Milton Square and stretching into some of the adjacent neighborhoods.  This graphic was initially used at the local officials' briefing held on September 28, 2010 and is included in the PDF of that presentation, available below.
Note about the redesign concepts: As the project team begins the analysis of the data collected in December 2010 and alternative development, it will bear in mind these two concepts for the redesign of East Milton Square that have already been forwarded to it. Users should understand that while these concepts will be evaluated and thoughtfully considered they do not necessarily represent the redesign or menu of redesign options which will emerge at the end of the Parking and Access Study.
Individual Parking Block Graphs: To clarify the graphs presented at the January 18, 2011 BCAC meeting (presentation and minutes available below) graphs of the performance of individual blocks of parking are being made available through the website.  These graphs provide users with a detailed picture of how full given sections of parking throughout East Milton Square were during the hours analyzed.  To use these graphs, it is recommended that users also download the accompanying maps to be able to place each graph in its correct location in the Square.  Each graph is also captioned to help users position it correctly.

Please note: these graphs, and the parking turnover analysis they represent, only cover those areas which are considered to be parking for the businesses of East Milton Square. Parking in residential zones immediately outside of the Square is considered to be for the use of local homeowners and as such was not analyzed.
Crash Diagrams (presented to the BCAC on February 9, 2011):Figures showing the numbers and types of crashes at the intersections of
Please note: each crash has been assigned a number.  Not every crash which occurred was recorded with enough detail to place it correctly on a diagram.  These crashes are listed in the detail table with an asterisk next to the appropriate entry.  The numbers begin on the diagram for Adams Street and Granite Avenue.  Data is taken from the MassDOT crash records system and covers the past three most recent years of available data - 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Meetings of the BCAC

Briefings of Local Officials

Community Meetings